About Us

As all things do, JerkThatBeef.com began with but a single thought in a single mind.  That single thought in this here simple (er, single) mind was… “dang, I like beef jerky!” My dad down in North Carolina had a buddy who made the stuff every once in a while and every once in another while I’d be lucky enough to get me a bit.  I didn’t much care for hot and spicy things back in my younger days but that jerk came with loads of crushed red pepper on it and I just remember gnawing on my first hunk and thinkin’… “I could get used to this!”  Beefy and spicy and delicious it sure was and got my mouth to waterin’.

But time went on as time is wantin’ to do and I wound up here in Texas away from my dad and his good buddy.  That sure didn’t mean I wasn’t cravin’ me some beef jerky though.  I had to figure out how to make the stuff myself.  Now that might be easy for some of you smart folk but it took me some time to find just that right cut of beef… it took me some time to mix up just that right batch of spices… it took me some time to find just the right sucker (er, subject) to test my fixin’s out on.  That’s where my own son come in… you see, he never did care much for his old daddy’s cookin’.

I figured if I could come up with somethin’ he liked, well maybe I was onto somethin’ good!  I tell you what, that boy done liked my jerky so much, now he wants me to make it so he can sell it to y’all!  He got him a fancy degree from a fancy college and come up with this here website thingy and now all I do is jerk that beef all day every day… and all because one day way back when, I liked me some beef jerky.  We sure hope you like it too!

We use only fresh angus beef, the eye round cut, hand trimmed and sliced right.  Our marinade is a mix of Soy and Worchesershire sauce, beef bullion and an assortment of spices and sugars designed to render each particular flavor.  We use no chemical preservatives just the natural sodium content of Soy.  Spiced and dehydrated pure sliced steak (NOT “beef product”) is what you get from JerkThatBeef.com

We thank you kindly for your patronage and if y’all have an idea for a jerk, send it on in and we just might make it for ya. Have a good one and God bless!